Match setup

  • Game Mode: Timed Stock
  • Time limit: 7 mins, 3 Stocks
  • Teams : Off
  • Competitive mode: On
  • Input latency: “Auto”
  • Spectators: On


Please use the chat interface to exchange friend codes and request a moderator if needed.

If time runs out, the player with the most stocks wins. If stocks are tied, the player with the least percentage wins. If percent is even, a 2 stock, 3 minute match is played to determine the winner.

If the game ends in anything other than sudden death, the results on the victory screen stand.


Starter stages:

  • Jungle Treetop
  • Oasis Palace
  • Forgotten Temple
  • Golden City
  • Raging Glacier

Counterpick stages:

  • Moonlight Jungle
  • The Eyrie
  • Sunset Eyrie
  • Shivering Coast

Stage/character picks:

Stage striking and character selection will take place via the interface. Players may gentlemen to any legal stage, but must make this agreement in the chat and strike stages to advance through the stage striking process.

If at the stage select screen, the stage Iceberg Cliffs is available, SD immediately to end the match, as this indicates that competitive mode is not enabled.


Counterpick stages:

The winning player bans two stages. The losing player then selects from the remaining stages.


Dave’s Stupid Rule:

A player cannot counterpick a stage on which they have already won in the set unless both players agree to the stage.

Connection rules

If a player disconnects, then the match is restarted with the same characters, the same stage, and the same number of remaining stocks for each player.

Players will be responsible for their own connections. This includes connection stability and NAT configuration.


  • If a player is unable to connect to their opponent due to their own network setup, that player will be disqualified.
  • If a dispute arises due to a player’s connection being unplayable or otherwise faulty, a TO will request network information from and potentially attempt a connection to both players. If a specific player’s connection is determined to be at fault, that player will be disqualified.
  • Refusal to work with a TO to work out network-related disputes in a timely manner will be grounds for disqualification.
  • If lag is an issue from the start of a match, SD to end the match immediately. And request a moderator. Players who do not do this will be assumed to have accepted the connection.
  • If a TO rules that no one player’s connection is not at fault after a dispute, players must play the set out.

General sportsmanship rules

  • Basic sportsmanship is expected. Disqualifications will be at TO discretion. If a TO believes that a player’s conduct is problematic and damaging to the event, that player will be removed.
  • Mid-set coaching is banned and will result in disqualification.
  • Stalling out the clock using a method that makes a match actually unwinnable is banned.
    • If a player does this let a TO know immediately, and send them the match ID from Brawlout TV.
  • Sandbagging (intentionally losing a match) is highly illegal, and will result in DQs at the TO’s discretion.
  • Matches must be started in a timely manner after both players are present.
    • You have seven minutes after your match is marked as called on to be present for a match.
    • If you need to take a break between consecutive sets, let the TO know. You will have five minutes to return.
    • Mid-set breaks may not exceed two minutes, and require both a TO and your opponent’s consent.
  • Matches that end in DQ due to no-shows are final, no exceptions.