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A new challenger has appeared in the platform fighter arena!

Brawlout is the party fighting game, designed for couch play, online matches and competitive tournaments.

Streamlined combat

Rather than slow-paced defensive battles, Brawlout goes all-out with the lightning-fast aerobatics which platform fighters are famous for.
By focusing on aggressive mechanics, new players will be able to easily nail impressive combos while not feeling overwhelmed by friends who’ve had a bit more practice. Ideal for beginners as well as pro gamers looking to dedicate the time to participate in the many tournaments we have planned throughout the year.

Action is kept fast and fluid

Advanced techniques like air dodging, wavedashes, directional influence, teching, ledge grabs or Rage Bursts.

Vastly different combat styles

Each character in Brawlout has their own unique playstyle, catering to specific character archetypes seen in other fighters. Whether you’re a die-hard grappler or a rushdown fiend, there is a fighter for you in Brawlout.

Rage Meter

The Rage Meter builds up as you both deal and take damage, allowing you either break combos with the Rage Burst or unleash hell with the Rage Mode. The Rage Burst pushes opponents back, breaking their combos and allowing players to create some breathing room at the cost of half their Rage Meter. If the meter fills, you can activate the Rage Mode, increasing the knockback you deal while reducing the amount you take.

Single Player Modes

AI opponents are available if you want to practice your team combos with a friend, or if you need to fill out a free for all:

  • Train with Advanced Tutorials
  • Practice advanced combo setups with custom settings and helpful visual aids
  • Climb the challenging Arcade Towers.

Multiplayer Game Modes

Up to four players can compete in either timed, stock or team battles:

  • All on the same device
  • Each with their own device, without any internet connection, playing nearby (Nintendo Switch™ only)
  • Go online to challenge players worldwide or create custom lobbies just for your friends, with custom game rules



What he lacks in grace, Paco more than makes up for in heart. A super fan of wrestling and boxing, his unorthodox fighting style somehow earned him the rank of Anuran’s Exemplar. Before his rise to stardom, Paco was a simple painter and the last person to be body slamming people in the ring.

Upon learning of the Exemplar trials, Paco signed up on a whim, knowing full well he wouldn’t make it past the first round. But after donning a magical mask given to him by a mysterious peddler, Paco suddenly sprouted two extra arms. While most would be horrified by these new limbs, Paco was imbued with a new found confidence which saw him leaping head-first into the ring. Fighting like a frog possessed, Paco tore through the competition, taking down opponents in a frenzy of limbs, screaming half-baked signature moves.

While frantically throwing punches may have worked in the Exemplar trials, his inexperience may be his downfall when facing battle-hardened opponents. Heart and raw power can only take a fighter so far.

Tornado Slam

Tornado Slam

Neutral Special

Paco picks up his opponents, jumps up into the air and slams back down in a spinning piledriver.

Brain Buster

Brain Buster

Down Special

Paco slams his opponent onto the ground with great force. Tap the special button two extra times to complete this three-part throwdown.

Bullfrog Charge

Bullfrog Charge

Jab Special

Paco moves across the stage with a short-range shoulder barge.

Spine Stretcher

Spine Stretcher

Side Special

Paco grabs and hoists his opponent onto his back. Paco can then move around for a short time while his opponent is on his back. Inputting another side special with throw your opponent in that direction, up special will throw them straight up in the air and down special will perform a ground slam.

Tongue Lash

Tongue Lash

Up Special

Paco uses his sticky tongue to latch onto his opponent. At close ranges, the enemy will be pulled towards Paco but at long ranges, Paco will fly towards them.



One of the world’s wealthier countries, Feliran was a place where its upper classes wanted for nothing. Life was luxurious, and Sephi’ra liked it that way. Heir to Feliran’s royal family, the last thing she expected was to actually fight.

With constant war eroding confidence in the institution, the Exemplar trials finally gave the royal family a chance to bolster its name. Sephi’ra’s natural ability as a fighter made her perfect for the role, so she was designated as Feliran’s representative – once some money and favors had changed hands. Trained by the finest teachers in all the land, Sephi’ra’s graceful fighting style combines martial arts and the royal family’s trademark control of sand. You’ll get more than sand in your shorts when dueling this cat.

Sephi’ra fighting prowess is something to behold, but years in the palace have made her overestimate her achievements. While she may always land on her feet, new challenges and mysteries will finally shake her confidence and hopefully, give her some well needed perspective.

Sand Cloud

Sand Cloud

Side Special

Sephi’ra summons a sand ball which travels for a short distance.

Sink Hole

Sink Hole

Down Special

Sephi’ra creates a sink hole, forcing opponents to jump out to escape. Characters take reduced knockback when in the sink hole.

Desert’s Fury

Desert’s Fury

Jab Special

Sephi’ra delivers two powerful kicks, knocking the opponent horizontally.

Sand Shift

Sand Shift

Up Special

Sephi’ra melts into sand, appearing in a new location.



In the lawless tundra of Oboden, the call for an Exemplar was ignored by the majority. When you have to deal with gang wars and blizzards daily, most people choose to stay indoors. However, hearing that gold and untold power lay in wait for the winning Exemplar, one crafty penguin had his eyes on the prize.

This is where Tyson comes in – a career criminal with plans for total control of Oboden’s underworld. If you’re in the market for dirty deeds and double-dealings, he’s your penguin. Becoming an Exemplar is his biggest scheme to date – one that will finally push him to be recognized as Oboden’s greatest crime lord. But his only way to really compete was to partner with someone with a little more weight to throw around.

After scouring pit fights, Tyson eventually found his enforcer. As strong as an iceberg and seemingly as thick – Olaf is better suited as a bouncer than a treasure hunter. However, when paired with the ruthless cunning of his penguin associate, the two are a devastating team. They bicker and disagree on everything, but this criminal duo are sno-joke.



Drifters of this world are the collectors of forgotten knowledge, lost technologies and broken histories.

The Drifter is haunted by an insatiable illness, traveling further into the lands of Buried Time, steeped in blood and treasure hoping to discover a way to quiet the vicious disease.

Echoes of a dark and violent past from the dead eras resonate throughout and he can’t help but listen.



The anxious descendant of a fabled war hero, the burden of greatness sits heavily on Volt’s spines. Volt desired to become his tribe’s chief shaman, to help heal the sick and teach the next generation about the mysteries of magic. However, the role of Exemplar was thrust upon him by his doting father, forcing him to give up his desire for a peaceful life to uphold the honor of his people.

While possessing natural gifts for combat and great magical ability, Volt finds himself as the reluctant representative for Erinus — the weight of expectation heavier than ever. Luckily, his mastery of lighting magic does allow him to keep the fight at range. If it does come to close range combat, his sharp spines and panicked reflexes should fend off most attackers.

For all of his protests, a trip out of his comfort zone may just be what Volt needs. Seeing new lands and confronting his fears may turn him into the hero he is destined to be. Or he could come back a nervous wreck.



The former chief of a band of fighters from rocky Accipra, Chief Feathers has kept the title – as well as a watch over his homeland.

Hearing about an artefact of untold power, Chief Feathers instantly took up the position of Exemplar. With his people driven to near extinction by decades of war, success as Accipra’s Exemplar could finally end Chief Feathers’ watch. With a newfound resolve, Chief Feathers donned his old headdress and set off in search of this artefact.

But underneath his heroic exterior lays a dark secret. Whispers of this artefact have dredged up painful memories for Chief Feathers, of a time where he failed in his role as his tribe’s protector. While he is no spring chicken, the fire burns inside Chief Feathers as he seeks to write the wrongs of his past.



King Apu is the fiercest fighter to ever grace the ring. The finest king to ever wear a crown. The greatest dancer to ever bust a move. These words are all written on the giant golden statue of King Apu in front of his palace.

As the tyrannical ruler of Simeera, King Apu was faced with finding an Exemplar who was truly the best monkey for the job. As far as he was concerned, there was only one choice – himself. Besides, a trip around the world would make a welcome change from his hectic schedule of crushing rebellions, torching enemy villages and ruling with an iron fist.

While he prefers not to dirty his hands fighting lesser foes, his nation-hopping adventure may finally provide him with opponents worthy to feel the lash of his whip. At the very least, he’ll get a decent workout in, as he grinds any opposition into the dust. But Apu’s arrogance comes with a very real risk. As he faces bigger and badder opponents, his hubris could be his undoing.





The frontman of a Erinian metal band (and Volt’s estranged cousin), Vandal is a font of raw energy. When he’s not melting faces on the guitar, he has been known to melt the literal faces of anyone who would cause trouble at his gigs.

Vandal also does all of his band’s pyrotechnics, including shooting forked lightning out of his eyes during particularly intense solos. Despite the spikes, skulls and screaming on stage, Vandal is a pretty laidback hedgehog in real life.

After a gig, he loves nothing more than taking off his steel-toed boots, making some herbal tea and doing a crossword.



Designed as the ultimate sentry, Condor X is meant to keep Accipra truly safe. This cybernetic peacekeeper is on watch at all times, circling in the skies above and hunting down anyone who dare threaten the peace.

Modelled after a legendary chieftain from Accipra’s past, Condor X doesn’t let things like due process or mercy get in the way of stopping a criminal.

It is equipped with the latest weapons technology, including state of the art laser eyes, a jetpack capable of immense aerial acceleration and savage titanium talons. Fail to co-operate with its demands and there will be trouble.



In an alternate Accipra that abandoned its tribal roots, Senator Feathers stands against a hawkish administration that would lay waste to its neighbours.

Having seen the horrors of war first hand, he hopes to usher in a new age of peace through co-operation and compromise. Though a pacifist he is not, as Senator Feathers will roll up his sleeves and give someone the old one two, should innocent people be at risk.

While he’s no spring chicken, he’s always out trying to help the public, much to the chagrin of his opponents. His speech may be brash and his outfit garish, but Senator Feathers will always try to do what’s right — even if it means cracking a few heads.



Nightma’ra is the black spot on the Feliran family tree. The daughter of King Whisk’ra IV, she became an unwitting sacrifice after her father failed to hold up his end of the bargain with a fiendish wizard.

Reborn as a demoness, Nightma’ra hunts down those who break their promises, stealing that which is most dear to them while they are fast asleep.

Oath breakers, serial debtors and those who flake on dinner appointments; none are safe from the wrath of Nightma’ra.



Working from the shadows, the cult of the Frozen Beak were once the real power players in the Oboden underworld. These hooded zealots would do anything to revive their long dead master, the ominously named “Glacier Ghoul”.

After years of dodgy dealings, occult sermons and one or two ritual sacrifices, the cultists managed to call back their lord from the other world. Expecting a towering fiend with fists like iceburgs, it was a bit of a shock when a tiny penguin ghost stepped through from the realm of the dead.

Most left the cult in complete embarrassment, while one loyal acolyte stayed to serve his master. Together, these two now inspire true terror among the fjords and ice floes of Oboden.



Space. The final frontier that Apu had yet to conquer. World domination wasn’t enough for the simian warlord, he was looking to become the sultan of the stars. Putting his scientists to work, he searched the heavens for a planet in need of a ruler.

Eventually settling on a little world situated somewhere on the outer spiral arm of the Milky Way, he then set about building a grand spacecraft — capable of whisking him away to another world.

After several rocket tests and years of rigorous training, Apu was ready for interstellar conquest. Donning a special spacesuit, he blast off into the great beyond, ready to spread his empire across the cosmos.



Turns out experimenting with eldritch magic wasn’t the best idea. After years of unchecked magical experimentation, Apu managed to turn the planet into one huge wasteland.

The oceans had dried up, the air was transformed into a noxious soup and plant life has ceased to exist. Roaming the planet in command of an chaotic convoy of misfits, freaks and mutants, Apu still thinks of himself as a king — just with no land, gold or loyal subjects.

Renaming himself Apucalypse, he wields an exploding metal fist instead of his trusty whip. You don’t want to mess with this road warrior.



A once revered scientist, Dr Tysonstein lives far away from the prying eyes of society. Expelled from the scientific community due to experiments involving electricity and dopey undergraduates, the doctor now works from the comfort of his secret ice fortress.

Without things like moral codes or the police to stop him, Tysonstein made his breakthrough — creating life from his own flippers. Immensely strong and obedient to boot, Dr. Tysonstein decided it was time for the world to see his masterpiece.

Riding atop his patchwork pal, the doctor set out for civilization. It was time for the world to recognize his true genius.



Tired from their many escapades, Olaf and Tyson decided it was time for a well-deserved holiday. After several days of bickering over the destination, the two finally set sail for the island paradise of Wahakiti, leaving the frozen wastes of Odoben far behind them.

The two took in everything the island had to offer — surfing, hula dancing, hiking, the lot. What started as a two week holiday soon turned into an indefinite stay as Olaf and Tyson decided that they much preferred the island life.

Giving up their old names and their life of crime, the once feared duo became pillars of the community, defending its shores from anyone that would dare spoil the atmosphere.



One of Sephi’ra’s many cousins, Natu’ra tends to the sacred groves on the slopes of Mount Maenion. Her time as grove keeper means she can commune with plants and even control them to fend off trespassers.

While her connection to the Feliran royal family would give her access to untold riches, Natu’ra prefers the rural life and actively spurns most material possessions.

I say most — Natu’ra is a sucker for gardening equipment. Her sacred duty means that she doesn’t get much time off the mountain, so she’s always grateful for anyone leaving an offering of a new trowel or wheelbarrow at the foot of Mount Maenion.



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