The Cyber Update

New Character Skins

  • Cyber Sephi’ra
  • Astro Paco
  • Scout Volt
  • Unlock them by reaching Mastery Level 8 with Sephi’ra, Paco or Volt

General changes and fixes

  • New Voice Chat UI
  • All local players can pick any unlocked characters owned by the main player account (or the max unlocked among any of the logged in players)
  • Various other bugs squashed and murdered

Character Balancing


  • Neutral Special: removed hitstun when no rage (so it doesn’t stop opponent same as Drifter’s projectile)

The Drifter

  • Neutral Special: added some knockback (more when charged)

Dead Cells

  • Neutral Special: reduced knockback growth

Sephi'ra & Variations

  • Side Special: projectile speed increased (small differences between variants)

Olaf Tyson & Variations

  • Side Special now uses ammo (3 icicles) that get recharged after 10 seconds. Deals 5 damage & small knockback when no ammo.

Senator Feathers

  • Neutral Special: reduced projectile speed, damage, knockback & hitbox size
  • Down Special: reduced hitbox size

Condor X

  • Neutral Special: reduced bounciness, hitbox size and hitbox active time
  • Down Special: reduced hitbox size and hitbox active time