New Stage: Fire Temple


General changes

  • Tribalstack Tropics is now available in Competitive Mode with the side platforms removed.
  • Reduced the blast zone sizes on Shivering Coast
  • All charge attacks deal increased knockback when charged
  • A visual effect has been added to many high-impact attacks when they connect on an opponent to give them a little extra OOMPH.

Ledge changes

  • Removed the 55 frames ledge grab restriction after getting hit, players can now grab ledges immediately after taking damage.
  • Characters no longer get ledge invincibility after landing on Olaf’s pillar/platform
  • Decreased ledge snap distance when facing the ledge from 2.5 to 2 (snap distance remains 1 when not facing the ledge)

Teching changes

  • Wallteching has been added.
  • The teching window has been reduced to 10 frames. The cooldown for a missed tech is still 30 frames.

Menu changes

  • Decreased result screen timer in online lobbies for spectators.
  • Added a new controller setting “Use taunts on pedestal” . This defaults to “On”. If set to “Off” you can’t use taunts on pedestals (like on the character select / stage select / result screen) and frees up the dpad for navigation.
  • Online lobby list now shows how many players can still join the lobby rather than how many playing slots are free
  • Added an option in Practice mode to set your rage or maintain it to a specific value

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug where you could fast fall a ledge attack and self destruct

Character Balancing


  • Decreased hitbox size and hit active frames on Forward Aerial
  • Up Air Attack angle adjusted to send opponent a bit more to the side
  • Projectile speed decreased
  • Projectile’s knockback decreased
  • Small bubble now deals 1 dmg
  • Big bubble now deals 6 dmg and its speed increases with time charged
  • Up Special now consumes Rage
  • Increased end lag & decreased hitbox range on Forward Tilt
  • Decreased end lag on Side Charge Attack
  • Increased knockback on Down Charge Attack
  • Decreased knockback & end lag on Down Special

The Drifter

  • Down Charge Attack no longer has an active hitbox above the sword
  • Side Special & Forward Air Special now have 2 parts. A build up and a slide.
  • Side Special slide range increased
  • Side Special slide knockback increased if you have rage
  • Down Special & Down Air Special are now cancellable 5 frames earlier
  • Sprint attack now comes out much faster after you start sprinting (about 10 frames)


  • Aerial Rooster Uppercut now consumes Rage


  • Up Special and Up Air Special now consume Rage
  • Up Special & Air Up Special now have a landing animation if you touch the ground while it’s active
  • Decreased damage & removed shock debuff when the Rage Meter is empty on Up Special & Air Up Special
  • Decreased knockback growth on Side Attack & Air Forward Attack
  • Increased knockback & decreased end lag on Down Charge Attack
  • Increased knockback on Side Charge Attack & Up Charge Attack


  • Poison DPS reduced from 5 to 3


  • Decreased knockback on Air Forward Attack part 2


  • Side Special Attack now drops the victim when in air
  • Increased end lag on Side Charge Attack

Dead Cells

  • Up Special & Air Up Special now have a landing animation if you teleport into the ground
  • Air Down Special (Firebrands) projectile’s fall speed reduced
  • Air Down Special fire duration reduced and can now only hit once
  • Decreased knockback on Jab Special Attack
  • Decreased knockback on Air Forward Attack part 2

Sephi'ra & Variations

  • Air Up Special now has a landing animation when you teleport into the ground
  • Removed end lag from Air Up Attack (when touching the ground)
  • Decreased end lag on Down Tilt

King Apu & Variations

  • Small tweak to Down Air Special knockback angle
  • Small knockback growth increase on Forward Charge Attack

Olaf Tyson & Variations

  • Removed a hitbox from Sprint Attack
  • Sprint Attack damage increased
  • Sprint Attack knockback reduced
  • Glacier Punch knockback growth increased
  • Pillar no longer stops opponent attacks when lifting them, increasing the risk of lifting someone

Chief Feathers & Variations

  • Back Aerial can now be fast fallen
  • Reduced hit-pause on Down Charge Attack to prevent opponents from having too much time to react & tech
  • Charge forward attack hitbox reduced